Max Eberl in favour of RB Leipzig reserve team

As reported by Bild, RB Leipzig sporting director Max Eberl is in favour of introducing a second team at the club. 

The Saxons previously had a reserve team until then sports director Ralf Rangnick dissolved the operation in 2017. It now appears that the club are willing to give the second team another go. 

Speaking at a fan event recently, Eberl said: “I am very much in favour of introducing a second team at RB.”

The plan would be to have the reserve team act as a feeder for those in the U19s who can’t quite break into the first team. This includes the likes of Sanoussy Ba (19) who is currently under-challenged in his age group but doesn’t get any training or playing time with the professionals. The costs for the RB Group would be manageable with a budget of €800k for a team in the Oberliga or around €1.3m for the regional league. 

If Leipzig are serious about having a reserve team, they would have to register by May 31st in order to obtain a license. Theoretically, RB Leipzig II would have to start at the bottom of the pyramid in the local district leagues. However, each regional association handles it differently. For example, Eintracht Frankfurt II were able to start in the 5th league. 

GGFN | Jamie Allen

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