Julian Nagelsmann’s dismissal could cost Bayern Munich €30m

Julian Nagelsmann’s dismissal could cost Bayern Munich up to €30m, according to Bild. This comes after Thomas Tuchel is expected to replace the 35-year-old as head coach.

Nagelsmann earns a reported salary of €8m-€9m and with a five-year contract, would have received up to €45m in salary alone. Because this is a dismissal and not a sacking, Nagelsmann will remain on Bayern Munich’s payroll, meaning they will still need to pay his salary, unless they reach a settlement.

Because Nagelsmann is released before the end of his second season, per Bild, no automatic severance clauses will apply – these only come into effect from July 2023. This means both parties must work towards an agreement over a severance package, or Bayern will pay Nagelsmann’s remaining salary of around €27m.

In addition to Nagelsmann, assistant coaches Dino Toppmöller (42) and Xaver Zembrod (56), and video analyst Benjamin Glück (36) will also be leaving the club, which is expected to cost around €5m.

GGFN | Daniel Pinder

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