Joshua Kimmich on Bayern Munich defeat: “We had our worst performance of the season.”

Reflecting on Bayern Munich’s 4-2 Bundesliga defeat at Bochum, Joshua Kimmich questioned the mentality of the players after conceding three goals in six minutes in the first half.

“Looking at the game as a whole, we had our worst performance of the season today,” Kimmich told Sky Germany. “We lacked everything today. If something like this happens once a season, then it can happen but this is not the first time it happened to us. It happened to us in Gladbach too, so we have to be careful.

“We such attitude and body language, this has nothing to do with tactics or a game plan. We have to question ourselves and ask ourselves whether that’s the mentality that Bayern embodies.”

Commenting further on Bayern Munich’s performance, Kimmich added: “Every single one of us has to ask themselves if that’s all we bring to the pitch. Because it happens to us too often. That shouldn’t happen to us at this level. Luckily it was a Bundesliga game and we were nine points ahead before the game.”

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