Joining Borussia Dortmund was an easy decision for Karim Adeyemi

Borussia Dortmund announced the signing of 20-year-old German forward Karim Adeyemi from RB Salzburg and on Wednesday afternoon, he gave his farewell press conference, discussing various topics.

His departure from RB Salzburg: “It will be difficult and emotional because things have been so successful and harmonious here in recent years. Goodbyes aren’t really my thing.”

On the last 24 hours from being in Dortmund to returning to Salzburg: “I would have thought I would be a little more nervous when signing the contract but I was OK. I think the nervousness only comes when you meet the team.”

The importance of making this decision in his next step: “It’s difficult to find the right words. I’ve had a wonderful few years here in Salzburg and I’m very grateful to everyone who’s supported me here all these years. I’m still happy to take this next step. I think it’s also a good step for me and my future.”

His decision to join Borussia Dortmund: “I’ve been dealing with the club for a long time. I just think that this is the next step and the right decision for me. It was an easy decision.”

The atmosphere in Dortmund: “Of course, I’m really looking forward to the fans and also the team. As you know Dortmund, the club simply has a great stadium and great fans.”

On the negotiations: “We had been in contact for a long time. I was definitely honoured to have received an offer from such a team. I have often followed Dortmund in the Bundesliga. Over time it turned out that more and more contact was made, right up to the signing of the contract. I always have to have a good feeling about the whole thing. I have to harmonise with the club, the city and the environment. That’s how it has to be for me personally, and it was also the case with Dortmund.”

On Marco Rose: “I talked to the coach, I think it’s very important to find out what his ideas are. The conversations were good and I got on really well with him. The coach said he’d like to have me in Dortmund, that’s why I go there with a good feeling but I can’t say anything about the exact style of play yet.”

On replacing Erling Haaland: “It’s similar to here in Salzburg, when I joined the team. Coincidently, it was Erling Haaland here again. But I think I’m a different player to Erling. You can’t compare us. In general, I wouldn’t say that I feel any pressure. I just want to help the team and I’m looking forward to the task in Dortmund.”

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