Bayern Munich signing Kylian Mbappé unrealistic but not impossible

According to Sport1, it is not entirely impossible that Bayern Munich could sign Kylian Mbappé once his contract expires at PSG next summer. 

The higher-ups at Bayern are very fond of Mbappé and if the opportunity presents itself, Bayern would consider signing Mbappé as he would improve their already strong attack even more.

Mbappé has also previously worked for Thomas Tuchel during his time at PSG and recently the Bayern coach expressed his fondness for the 24-year-old

The biggest hurdle to any potential move to the Bundesliga is not only richer clubs such as Real Madrid have held long-term interest in Mbappé but his salary would decimate Bayern’s existing salary structure. Mbappé is said to be earning €100m per year in Paris and no team without wealthy outside investors can afford such a salary.

Any move to Bayern would mean that Mbappé would have to take a pay cut and earn €25m a year which is the highest current salary (Harry Kane) at the Bavarian side and Bayern does not want to go over it despite showing that they are willing to spend if necessary. To get Mbappé to consider a pay cut, the Frenchman would have to think if he is slowly drawn by money or winning as much silverware as possible. 

GGFN | Jack Meenan 

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