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The Bundesliga has some top kits out again this season and who doesn’t like kits? Football jerseys make some of the best collectables along with autographs and match programmes and some of us fans have literally dozens of strips which are treasured.  

This season, there are some top kits out again in the top tier of football so following the interest in the 2. Bundesliga kit review, Get German Football News editor-in-chief Daniel Pinder and our resident Borussia Dortmund writer Ben McFadyean had a go at reviewing the best Bundesliga of the 2022/23 season in part two of this special feature:


Ben: At first, I thought this kit looks more like an 80s holiday polo shirt but actually this Nike effort for ‘Die Fuggerstädter’ is pretty cool on the pitch, so am going to give the Enrico Maaßen team’s home kit a 7/10.

Daniel: Perhaps not as nice as last season’s, but it’s something different and I think it actually works, 7/10.

Bayer Leverkusen

Ben: Cool to see UK brand Castore getting a look in and not bad this one, not a lot to argue with, classic kit. 8/10

Daniel: Last season’s Bayer Leverkusen top was probably the best in the Bundesliga. This is still nice, but definitely not on par, 7/10.

Bayern Munich

Ben: It’s not easy saying this as a BVB writer but the last few seasons Bayern Munich have got it just right when it comes to jerseys, even if they have to like last season revert to black and gold, this season however… awful. I hope this is a sign of things to come on the pitch, decisively mid table 6/10.

Daniel: Didn’t really appeal to me at the end of last season when they wore it. The 22/23 home jersey might grow on me, but this just doesn’t do anything for me 5/10.


Ben: Mizuno are mostly famed for being a running and athletics brand, but they are back in football and actually like last season’s kit which celebrated 700 years of the city of Bochum, I like this home kit. Plenty of ‘CastroperStraße’ vibes here, hits the spot 7/10.

Daniel: This is everything I like in a kit. It’s bold, it’s blue, and it’s very clean an 8/10.

Borussia Dortmund

Ben: Puma in recent seasons have not been designing kits for a ‘Deutsche Meister’, this season however they have brought out something which looks, in spite of heavily leaning on the 12/13 UCL kit looks and the 01/02 Gooool home kit, like going all the way to the ‘Meisterschale’ and not a second too soon either an 8/10.

Daniel: The past two or three seasons, I couldn’t agree more Borussia Dortmund have had some of the worst kits in the Bundesliga. This however is beautiful. Bit of a fan 8/10.

Borussia Mönchengladbach


Ben: Puma have nailed it as they so often have for ‘Gladbach, think of the 1980’s kits with sponsors ‘Erdgas’ or ‘Datsun’ on them, Daniel Farke’s team home kit is smart, classic, clean, bold and outstanding 9/10.

Daniel: Definitely an improvement on last season’s kit. I like this, it’s clean and mean and gets my 9/10.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Ben: This is going to hurt. Eintracht have had some unreal kits over the years, think the 14/15 ‘Alfa Romeo’ sponsored kit, wish I had bought that! But this season’s home jersey, is in one-word uninspired 5/10. 

Daniel: This is as basic as shirts get. Last season’s kit was incredible, but this is the complete opposite, uninspired simply a 4/10.

FC Köln

Ben: Danish brand Hummel are back and I love this season’s FC Köln’s home kit. It’s clean and apparently inspired by the 1968 Pokal winning team. Brings back the best of 90s kits an 8/10.

Daniel: Have always been a big fan of Hummel, especially the Denmark kits back in the day but I didn’t want to have high expectations for this. That said, massive improvement on last season’s strips and one of the club’s best in recent years 9/10.


Ben: The ‘Breisgauer’ have a new ground, they had an astonishing season in 21/22 and now a great home kit to boot, love this 7/10. 

Daniel: A bit ‘meh’ for me. I’m not a fan of tops that have a fade on them and the stripes are just too narrow only 6/10.

Hertha Berlin

Ben: Has someone put the handcuffs on the Nike designers for the last three seasons? Barely any changes in years, get inspired by the spirit of ‘Die Alte Dame’ lads, this kit is decisively ‘Zweite Liga’ only a 4/10 from me.

Daniel: The black is a nice addition on this kit and at least they haven’t faded the stripes like a lot of teams do nowadays. It’s not their best, but certainly not their worst either 6/10.


Ben: I actually quite like Spanish brand Joma, think Villareal’s ‘yellow submarine’ kit or the Norwich City kits of a couple of years ago? But not ‘feeling’ Hoffenheim’s new home kit, too busy for my taste this season 5/10.

Daniel: This would be a nice jersey but what are the white ‘doodles’ on the top? Last year’s kit was way better 5/10.


Ben: Can’t go wrong with Kappa in my book, love the colour and the design, this has got AC Torino’s outstanding kits of recent years all over it, outstanding 9/10. 

Daniel: This kit is completely different to what Mainz have gone for in recent years which is good to see. This is much more like their 2012 kit and I like it, in fact If it had a bit more white to balance out the design this would be a perfect kit 8/10.

RB Leipzig

Ben: I might not be much of a fan of the ‘Leipziger’ but last season’s DFB Pokal winners have had some awesome kits in recent seasons, this season Nike are on track again with this one 8/10. 

Daniel: Like last season, there’s way too much going on here for me, I like my kits clean and functional, not the biggest fan 6/10.


Ben: Adidas have done a good job here, the newly promoted Gelsenkirchen-based side have a clean and classic kit here always a good starting point for a jersey looking forward to the Derby 7/10.

Daniel: Much preferred their Umbro tops, liked those, but this isn’t a bad attempt by Adidas either 6/10.


Ben: VfB don’t deviate and German-brand Jako have done the ever-green classic red stripe across the centre again, does the trick but not much else is new 6/10.

Daniel: I genuinely can’t remember the last time Stuttgart had a bad top but I like the way Stuttgart keep to tradition, I like this one again 7/10.

Union Berlin

Ben: I love Adidas on the worst of days, always have, the badge has always been awesome and the design is a classic so this is my 10/10.

Daniel: OK, this is really nice, nothing more can be said but a top kit, however Union just don’t change much do they? So going to give this a 9/10.

Werder Bremen

Ben: Umbro are a cult football brand and I like this retro style kit 7/10.

Daniel: Many seem to like this, but I’m not one of them. I miss Werder’s kits from 2006-2009, there’s too much going on here so this effort gains a 4/10 from me.


Ben: Nike have pulled another winner out of the bag for the 2015 DFB Pokal winners, I like this, top effort. 8/10.

Daniel: This isn’t half bad, but I preferred the shade of green when the won the 2009 Bundesliga, but nice nonetheless so it’s an 8/10.

Well we have had a look at the kits, and no doubt as ever in football there will be controversy and referral to the fourth official but hopefully no ‘handbags’ so just time to add up the scores:

Daniel is a hard man to please when it comes to football kits and gave no kit full marks but gave 9 out of 10 to Rhein enemies FC Köln and ‘Gladbach and Union.

For Ben it’s the Union Berlin jersey that earns the perfect score with BVB earning a 9/10 for the first time in years, averaged out therefore the overall winners are ‘Die Köpenicker’ Union Berlin win with 19 points.

The club located in the East of Berlin have beefed up this summer and look the business, can they go one better or will their European quest which will for the first time, after UEFA’s recent green light, be played at the ‘Alte Försterei’ stadium be Union’s ‘burnout’? Which is your favourite kit?

Ready for the 22/23 season? 

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