Bundesliga Predictions | Round 30

In this new weekly feature, hosts of the Gegenpressing podcast Stefan Bienkowski and Manu Veth face off with their predictions for the forthcoming Bundesliga matchday fixtures. It’s three points for a correct score and one point for a correct result. Who will come out on top at the end of the season?

Stefan’s game of the weekend: Bayer Leverkusen v RB Leipzig – This game certainly feels like a match up between the haves and the have nots as Domenico Tedesco’s Atalanta-conquering squad full of stars travel to a Bayer Leverkusen team that has been truly gutted by unfortunate injuries. The home side should still be able to put out a decent starting XI but they’ll be tasked with beating what has been the best team in German football since the turn of the year. Either way, it should be great fun.

Manu’s game of the week: Gladbach v Köln – Naturally, this is a derby with plenty of history, which makes it a must-watch on its own. For Köln this is also a big game to keep up in the race for Europe, both the Europa League and the Conference League are still possible. Gladbach, in the meantime, are more or less secure but could still hurt their rivals. I expect plenty of goals and at least one red card—be ready for plenty of storylines and drama.

Stefan’s full predictions:

Dortmund 2-1 Wolfsburg

Freiburg 2-0 Bochum

Mainz 2-1 Stuttgart

Augsburg 2-0 Hertha

Gladbach 2-2 Köln

Bielefeld 0-1 Bayern

Union 2-1 Frankfurt

Hoffenheim 2-0 Fürth

Leverkusen 1-2 Leipzig

Manu’s full predictions:

Dortmund 3-1 Wolfsburg

Freiburg 3-0 Bochum

Mainz 1-2 Stuttgart

Augsburg 2-0 Hertha

Gladbach 2-3 Köln

Bielefeld 1-5 Bayern

Union 3-0 Frankfurt

Hoffenheim 2-0 Fürth

Leverkusen 1-3 Leipzig

Scores after week two:

STEFAN: 10, MANU: 10

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