Bayern Munich top TV money list

Kicker released the TV money each club earned and with the figure earned from both national and international deals, Bayern Munich topped the chart with €90.2m whilst Borussia Dortmund are second with €80.1m. 

The top five in the league were Bayern (90.2), Dortmund (80.1), RB Leipzig (78.3), Bayer Leverkusen (75.5) and Eintracht Frankfurt (73.5). The biggest gainer this time was Union Berlin, for the previous season they were 17th but they now find themselves 10th in the Bundesliga and have gained an additional €20m.  

These figures can change depending on certain criteria, this can include the young talent playing which is current young locally developed players playing for their team as well as the interest in the clubs which is measured with the Allensbacher market and advertising medium analysis. Each club will begin with a minimum of €26m between them.

The total of both the national and international TV deals for the Bundesliga is €1.05bn compared to that of the Premier League which recently acquired a deal worth £4.8bn

GGFN | Jack Meenan 

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