Freiburg’s Christian Streich on the Bundesliga’s return: “We’re all under pressure.”

Speaking to Sky Germany, well-spoken Freiburg head coach Christian Streich has discussed the decision made by the DFL to restart the Bundesliga following the German government’s green light.

“It was extremely well communicated and the concepts that were developed are hard-hitting and stab-proof, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about the fact that we will play in the Bundesliga next week,” said Streich.

“I am convinced that it’s the right decision.”

Freiburg have themselves implemented precautions to prepare themselves for the Bundesliga restart.

“We will always take two busses  to get out of here. On the premises, only a certain number of people are admitted. The sauna, swimming pool and wellness area are closed plus there’s testing twice a week,” added Streich.

“There are many measures that we have to comply with and will of course also take to protect ourselves and others.”

All games will be played behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, which is a precaution being put in place to stop the risk of any further spread of coronavirus.

“Even if the stadium is empty, players can still show their full potential,” said Streich. “But certain situations are different. In the event of losing the ball or a counterattack, the whole stadium normally murmurs. It’s all gone now. We also have to get used to the fact that you can hear when a player or coach shouts.

“But if I want to shout something, I will do it. If I give a tactical instruction, I don’t say it loud anyway, I say it to a player who is nearby who then passes it on,” said Streich.

On possible lessons learned for football, Streich reiterates that every team is in the same situation and that they are all under pressure.

“The clubs compete with each other and a lot is expected of everyone,” added Streich. “We’re all under enormous pressure to perform.” 

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