Germany on course to receive a fifth Champions League spot

As it stands, the associations of Germany and Italy are on course to receive a fifth Champions League spot next season. 

Due to the new format of UEFA club competitions next season, there are an additional two Champions League spots available. These will be allocated based on each country’s clubs’ performance in Europe. 

Essentially, the more a club from your country wins and progresses, the more points the association gathers. 

Thanks to Bayern Munich overcoming their Last 16 Champions League tie to Lazio, SC Freiburg beating West Ham, RB Leipzig drawing to Real Madrid, and Bayer Leverkusen drawing also, the DFB is looking set on receiving an additional place. 

They were also helped by Borussia Dortmund, which finished above Newcastle, Milan, and PSG during the group stages. BVB could also progress to the Quarter-finals of the Champions League should they beat PSV in Dortmund on March 13th. 

Season ranking 2023/23 

  1. Italy (16,571)
  2. Germany (15,500)
  3. England (14,625)
  4. France (14,416)
  5. Spain (13,437)


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