Alexander Nübel: “I will play for AS Monaco next season.”

Speaking to Bild, AS Monaco goalkeeper Alexander Nübel confirms won’t return to Bayern Munich next season and will instead remain on loan at the Ligue 1 club.

“I will play for AS Monaco next season,” said Nübel. “My loan contract here is two years. If Bayern have something else in mind, we have to talk about it but for me, it’s not an issue at the moment.”

Manuel Neuer is expected to sign a contract extension with Bayern beyond 2023 which could have an impact on the future of Nübel.

“He’s have a good season again. He’s the best ever,” said Nübel. “If Manu extends another three of four years and continues to play at the same level, that’s the way it is. If not, that’s different. The club decides in the end but that doesn’t matter to me know.”

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