Arsène Wenger expects Mesut Özil to remain at Arsenal – the situation

Arsène Wenger has confirmed that Mesut Özil, along with Alexis Sanchez, will remain at the club in January with the duo yet to sign a contract extension.

When asked whether they will be here on February 1, Wenger said: “Yes, of course. I am not the only one who can decide that [if they leave in summer]. They have a part to play in that as well. If it’s my decision, yes [they stay].

Wenger on if a decision has been made: “I do not think about that every day. At the moment, as long as they are here, they have to give their best for the team and for the club. In my head, they stay until the end of the season and that’s a decision that was taken at the start of the season. Unless something unbelievable happens, I can’t see why that would change.”

Wenger on whether there’s still a chance they could leave in January: “In a press conference, you’re always confronted with many speculations over the psychological state of transfers but for me, they’ll stay until the end of the season. That’s what I decided at the start of the season. They’re into the final year of their contract. Will they stay longer? That’s impossible to answer today because I don’t know. They have a contract until the end of the season.”


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