Mario Götze to win trust of Borussia Dortmund fans back with his performances

After a three-year spell at Bayern Munich, Mario Götze returned to Borussia Dortmund, telling BVB-Total! that he wants to win people back with his performances.

“Back then I made a conscious decision [to move] and one that I do not wish to hide from. For me a new chapter is beginning. I’m back at Borussia Dortmund, looking forward to the new season with the new coach and I am hoping to achieve success with the team. For me personally, the most important thing is that I remain healthy, fit and able to play. I think we have the potential to achieve a lot together. We have a very, very good team and I’m looking forward to the times ahead.” Mario Götze opted for the challenge of returning to Dortmund rather than accepting an offer from elsewhere. “What I really wanted was to come back here, to a place where I can get back to playing my best football.” The 2011 and 2012 Bundesliga winner is hoping for a “positive environment” and emphasised: “I can understand what one or two people are saying and I want to try to win over all the doubters and critics with my performances so that they support me again. Then I hope that everything will be good. I’m looking forward to the stadium and the atmosphere.” 

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