The Easiest Ways Germans Can Follow Games Online—Score Updates, Live Games & More

If you are a football enthusiast in Germany, you will agree with me that keeping up with live game scores or live matches is pretty tricky, despite the number of options available online.

Whether you are a fan of the Champions League or the Bundesliga, or any other international fixtures, there are numerous online options that allow you to stay connected with your favourite teams and players.

This comprehensive guide will make your life a little easier by providing you with various options to follow football games online more efficiently, and some of them are pretty fun too.

Dedicated Football Websites and Apps

This is perhaps one of the easiest and quickest ways to keep track of your favourite team’s performance. There are a number of websites that provide real-time updates, match reports, in-depth analysis, and comprehensive news on German football and other games.

In addition to websites, there are also apps that provide live scores and everything a website provides for sport lovers. Using an app ensures you don’t miss a beat of your favourite team’s epic moments. Most of these websites also provide exclusive interviews with famous players and officials.

Official League and Club Websites

If you have a favourite team that you religiously support, you might want to check the official league and football club’s websites, which provide exclusive content and news, in addition to the regularly available features like live scores and reports. There are many prominent football clubs that also provide this service through apps.

Social Media Channels

Similar to official league and football club websites and apps, you can also get live scores and behind-the-scenes footage and post-match analysis from social media channels and the team’s official social media handles. So, you might want to follow these channels to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest happenings. You could also follow the social media channels of popular sports journalists to get their sports commentary.

Streaming Services

If you are a sports fan in Germany, one of the best and most fun ways of following sports online is by actually watching the games through streaming services. There are many online sports streaming platforms that allow you to watch live streaming of various football leagues, including the Bundesliga and the Champions Leagues. These platforms also provide on-demand replays and highlights, and exclusive coverage of live games, along with in-depth analysis. 

Online Betting Sites

Speaking of ways to watch and keep track of your favourite sports team, you can join an online betting website that offers live streaming services for registered users—most will offer this service once you’ve placed a bet. This offers a convenient way for bettors to track their wagers while enjoying the game, some platforms even offer in-play bonuses. Most online sportsbooks are paired with a casino site (the so-called “hybrid gambling sites”). If you’re looking to try one of these out, make sure to use a trusted review site to check them out before signing up. Review sites like, offer international casino guidelines, with a special focus on German gambling platforms, to help you make informed decisions.

Fan Forums and Communities

If you are looking for options that allow you to not only keep track of live updates and scores but also interact with other like minded people, you might want to consider visiting and enrolling in fan forums and community groups on social media, like Reddit. Most of these platforms have live match threads where you can discuss the game in real-time and have live discussions with fans.

Fantasy Football Leagues

Another interesting option to watch live games and sports scores is by indulging in fantasy football leagues, which allow fans to create their teams and compete with friends. This adds an interactive element to enjoying live matches and seems like a lot of fun compared to the traditional options available.

News Aggregators

News aggregators are websites and apps that aggregate news from various sources, providing a one-stop solution for all football fanatics, with live score updates and other breaking news for fans, making this one among many favourite options for fans and serious sports followers alike.

Whichever options you choose, make sure you have a stable and fast Internet connection to ensure you have a lag-free experience. If there are multiple matches at the same time, you could consider registering on multiple devices to keep track of the updates simultaneously. Lastly, make sure you have the required subscription to platforms, or that you have registered to their services. Also, consider turning on the notifications of these platforms to receive instant notifications of sports updates, scores, and upcoming fixtures.

Thanks to these options, Germans can follow games and sports updates seamlessly and with ease.

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