How Is Germany’s European Football Dominance Shaping Up in 2024?

With the Bundesliga being one of the biggest leagues in the world and having some of the best standards of football in the world, it is no shock that their best teams are dominant in Europe. Now we are getting into the latter stages of the season having three teams in this stage of Europe is something to be marvelled at. 

Bayer Leverkusen’s Europa League Chances

Leverkusen is the shock of the season, being incredibly dominant in the Bundesliga and being currently forty games unbeaten and unbeaten in 2024. They are in the clear to win the league, are in the DFB-Pokal final and in the Europa League Quarter Final against West Ham. With the form that Bayer Leverkusen are in, we expect them to get through to the final of the Europa League where they will face their toughest opponent of the year in Liverpool. 

Looking at their games and the points gap between them and Bayern, we expect Bayern 04 to win the league comfortably. The DFB-Pokal is another major they would want to win and their final opponents are Division 2 side Kaiserslautern so we expect them to win that comfortably too. All that should be left for a treble will be the Europa League and although we think they are a great team that can beat anyone, we expect Liverpool to win in the final as it will be Klopp’s last ever match in charge of Liverpool. 

Borussia Dortmund’s Champions League Chances

Looking at the chances of Borussia Dortmund winning the Champions League with Champions League betting odds with you can see they are probably the weakest time in the tournament and are the team least likely to win it. Of the three German teams we will mention today, Dortmund is performing the worst in the league, although they have just beaten Bayern Munchen and are very high on confidence.

The draw has been kind to Dortmund as they find themselves on the easier side, compared to Bayern Munich that is. However, just because they are on the easier side does not mean that is easy. We have already said that they are the weakest team left and this is the truth, they are inexperienced and are currently the third-best team in the Bundesliga and the loss of their best players over the last few years will play a massive factor. They have Atletico Madrid and if they beat them they have either PSG or Barcelona, which makes it a difficult task to even get to the final.

Bayern Munich Champions League Chances

Munich are the most decorated side in Germany and one of the most decorated sides in football history. They have been on a streak of winning consecutive Bundesliga titles and dominating Germany for years. They have won the Champions League within the last 5 years and have signed Harry Kane for 100 Million Euros. We think the acquisition is the best bit of business they could have done with the loss of Lewandowski. One thing that is a worry for Bayern Munich is their form, they are on a bad run of form and are coming up against a team in the best form in the world, Arsenal. With Arsenal not being used to the Champions League and Bayern having a vast amount of European experience, the nerves may get the better of Arsenal’s young squad. However, with Bayern having to face Manchester City or Real Madrid if they beat Arsenal, it would be a shock if they got through.

Future German Dominance?

With a new German champion on the horizon, it would be surprising if the Bundesliga doesn’t get more competitive with Leverkusen, Dortmund and Bayern all bolstering squads that will get better, it could be a very exciting time for the league and we hope it gets more competitive and we see a resurgence in German dominance. 

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