Hannover 96 voices criticims of the DFL and investor vote

After fan protests at the weekend, and likely more protests this weekend, the notice surrounding the DFL investor deal has not died down and it looks like it won’t change any time soon. 

2.Bundesliga side Hannover 96 have voiced their displeasure at the investor vote as it is all but confirmed that minority investor Martin Kind did not vote in line with the club’s intentions. Hannover believes that the DFL were aware of this and ignored it. The club has sent two emails regarding the situation according to kicker

Hannover believes that a “structural and personnel new beginning in the DFL is necessary.” after the failure to, in the club’s opinion, uphold the 50+1 rule. 

The impact of the Kind ‘yes’ vote is great as the vote meant that the controversial investor deal was passed due to the two-thirds majority it needed to pass. 

Recently, due to the controversy surrounding Kind’s voting, clubs have lobbied for a redo of the voting with VfB Stuttgart, Hertha Berlin, Union Berlin, Osnabruck, Karlsruhe, Kaiserslautern and Eintracht Braunschweig. However, there is also support from the other side to uphold the result of the vote with Eintracht Frankfurt, Schalke, Mainz, Heidenheim, Greuther Fürth, Paderborn and RB Leipzig all in favour.

GGFN | Jack Meenan  


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