DFL refuses redo of the investor vote despite Bundesliga clubs lobbying to vote again

As reported by Kicker, some Bundesliga clubs are calling for the voting on the DFL investor deal to be redone with Stuttgart leading the way however the DFL have released a statement refusing such a redo. 

In the statement, the DFL responds to some of the criticism made towards the investor deal:

– The Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga rely on a sustainable positive development.
The DFL and the 36 clubs have the common goal that Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga remain sporty attractive and competitive league, with financially stable clubs under the framework conditions of 50+1 and other positive characteristics of German professional football.

– The marketing partnership strengthens the federal leagues and benefits all clubs.
The deal allows necessary investments in long-term further development to strengthen the marketing of the two leagues. It is to be invested sustainably in the media product, digitization and internationalization. This contributes to the financial security of all clubs that receive up to 50% of their funds from central marketing and the strengthening of the league association.

– There is no influence of a marketing partner on the sporting competition, kick-off times or venues:
The strategic partner will not be able to decide or decide on kick-off times, venues, league composition or other sporting issues at any time.

– The DFL does not sell shares:
The deal is not a sale of shares in the DFL but the investor will participate in a percentage of future revenues over a limited period of 20 years.

– The DFL also sees incorrect commercialization and high cadre costs as a problem.

Read the full statement here

The debate was spark as on Twitter (now X), Stuttgart’s president Claus Vogt said: “Our understanding of democracy – also in football – should be: The majority decides. However, it cannot be ensured that a democratically achieved voting result is correct, one should discuss with each other in the sense of democracy and in the sense of our football whether a new, transparent vote of all 36 clubs in the DFL is necessary. I mean: yes, it is necessary!” Union Berlin’s president Dirk Zingler and Hertha Berlin have also supported Stuttgart’s view on voting on the matter once again.

According to Sportschau, the belief is that this type of vote may help calm the consistent protests that have happened in Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga stadiums since the passing of the vote in early December. 

This time there is a belief that the voting should be transparent. This would allow everyone to see which clubs have voted in favour and which clubs have voted against as it will avoid a situation similar to Hannover 96, where majority shareholder Martin Kind voted against the club’s desires. 

GGFN | Jack Meenan 

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