Three named parties interested in investing in the DFL

After the passing of the planned investor deal from the clubs within the DFL last week, three parties have already been named in expressing their interest in investor reports Bild

The CEOs of the DFL have begun talks with the three parties which are CVC, Blackstone and EQT. Advent and Bridgeport are no longer interested. 

CVC are already involved in football, having invested in La Liga and Ligue 1, which has proved controversial in the league’s respective countries. The advantage is that they already have experience in football but the disadvantage is that they would not focus solely on the Bundesliga.

Blackstone is a US company and one individual, David Blitzer, is already involved in the Bundesliga as his company has a stake in Augsburg. Whilst EQT are a Swedish company.

The aim is for the deal to be initially completed by March 2024 before the new round of negotiations for the TV rights begins.

GGFN | Jack Meenan  


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