Courts rule in favour of publishing Youssoufa Moukoko age doubts

A regional court in Frankfurt has ruled in favour of allowing reports to be published regarding the age doubts of Borussia Dortmund forward Youssoufa Moukoko, as reported by Ruhr Nachrichten. 

In November 2022, Der Spiegel magazine released a report titled The Moukoko Files. The reports questioned the age and origin of the forward. Moukoko made several complaints about this, however, the courts have ruled in favour of reports being published. 

Dr Isabel Jahn, spokeswoman for the district court explained: “Der Spiegel was and is allowed to express everything that concerns the suspicion of a possibly wrong age and origin. This is legitimate reporting of suspicions.” 

The chamber concluded that: “there is enough evidence that this can possibly be the case.” 

Taking into consideration that Moukoko is a very high-profile professional in Germany, the reporting of suspicions is permissible and is based on sufficient evidence. 

Despite this, statements regarding connections in Cameroon and Youssoufa’s father, Joseph Moukoko were not allowed to be made. However, the fact the player’s birth may not be November 20th 2004 but four-and-a-half years earlier can be discussed within the media. 

Moukoko and his representatives can appeal the court’s decision and take it to the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court. 

GGFN | Jamie Allen

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