Thomas Müller: “We need moments of magic.”

Speaking during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Germany’s Thomas Müller discussed the upcoming game against Costa Rica, the pressure on the squad, his role in the team, and the 2018 World Cup. Müller was a part of the 2018 squad that crashed out of the group stages and is fully aware of the pressure from back home. Should Germany fail to qualify from the group, there will be massive scrutiny of German football as a whole. On Thursday, Germany must beat Costa Rica and hope that Spain does the same against Japan. 

Müller’s thoughts on the Costa Rica game

“I think looking from the outside we are favourites. We are completely clear that we have to win. The game against Japan had nothing to do with the 7-0 loss against Spain. They played well positionally and were also brave on the ball.  They never left their defensive structure, so first of all we have to score a goal. At the moment we have to be very humble looking at the table. There are not many reasons to be euphoric. What can bring a smile to our lips is the fact that we have the opportunity to reach the last 16 and to show the footballing world what we are made of.”

The pressure riding on the last group match

“The Spain game was already a high pressure situation. In the end, we all know what we have to do and have to show that we can also perform on the pitch. I don’t have the feeling that bad results or performances are due to nervousness. We all know pressure situations and can deal with them. We just need a few moments of magic. Lots of games are on a knife edge.”

His role in the Germany squad 

It has been the same over the last few years. I try to get ahead, to share information and to showcase how far you can go and what you need to invest in order to be a successful team. At the end of the day, as an attacking player, you’re judged on the number of goal contributions you make. In training, I’ve been accurate but I’m not happy with my performances on the pitch up to this point.”

Müller on the last World Cup 

“That thought cropped up shortly after the Japan game. The camp lit up during the Costa Rica-Japan match. We watched the game together and were able to take those emotions across into the Spain game. By beating Costa Rica, we’ve got a good chance of reaching the Round of 16 and so that original thought I spoke about has flown right out of the window.”

Müller may not keep his spot for the game against Costa Rica. However, he still has a role to play and may be relied upon during crucial moments to see his nation over the line. To have someone who has been there and done it, it should ease any nerves in the German camp. Die Mannschaft will be hot favourites to win the game on Thursday, all German fans and players can do is hope that the Spanish do them a huge favour. 

GGFN | Jamie Allen

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