Mats Hummels: “We simply made too many individual errors to go through.”

Speaking to RTL after Borussia Dortmund’s 6-4 aggregate defeat to Rangers and exit from the Europa League, Mats Hummels discussed the loss.

“We actually had the opposition under control in the first period,” said Hummels. “I think they could count themselves very lucky to be 2-1 down. Then we restarted very poorly after half-time and allowed them back into the game, in part because I missed the ball and made the mistake before the 2-2. That got the stadium going again.

“But in the end we didn’t lose it here, but rather a week ago in Dortmund. This is a huge disappointment. We are knocked out of the Champions League group stages, which we shouldn’t be eliminated from. Then we go out in a round in which we needed to progress. We know that. In the end, you have to say we simply made too many individual errors to go through here.”

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