Bochum demands a replay with Borussia Mönchengladbach: “The club is not to blame.”

Bochum are demanding a reply of their last home game which was postponed after a beer cup was thrown at the assistant referee, Christian Gittelmann. 

When the linesman was hit by a cup from a home supporter on the 69th minute, Bochum were trailing Borussia Mönchengladbach 0:2. 

Many believe that the points will be handed to the away side as they were in the lead during the latter stages of the game. 

This was the same outcome 11 years ago when a beer mug hit a linesman at St. Pauli vs Schalke 04. The score was 0:2 for the away side and as a result, they were given the points while St. Pauli were sentenced to playing a game behind closed doors. 

Bochum’s lawyer, Horst Kletke is determined to avoid similar outcomes and has made contact with the Sports Information Service, according to a report from Bild.

In a statement, the club’s lawyer stated: “The offender bought his drink completely legally and the club was not at fault for the crime. That’s why the game has to be repeated.

The outcome will ultimately be decided by the DFB sports court which has started its own investigations.

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