Jadon Sancho on Borussia Dortmund: “We need to be stronger.”

Speaking in an interview with Bundesliga’s official website, Borussia Dortmund and England international discussed what football means to him, what BVB can improve on and any pre-game rituals that he has.

“Before a game, probably listen to my music, and because I know everyone’s watching, especially for the fans, especially if it’s cold, I don’t want them to just come and support us, I want them to go home smiling and be happy that they came out to the end and watched us win. I’m just trying to be a winner and have that winning mentality every game I go into.”

What do you think Borussia Dortmund can do to improve?

“Personally, I think when we go in front, just to keep our focus, because our focus lacks in that area of the field. When we score, they score straight away, and they get back into the game – I feel like we need to be stronger in that, but other than that, I feel like we play very good football, we connect well, we get great opportunities to score. It’s about keeping that winning mentality to the last whistle.”

What does football mean to you?

“I just love football. You can’t really take that out of me – I just love the game, and love the sport. So yeah, if I had a choice I’d play every day until I’m 100 years old. But unfortunately, some time I’ll have to step down from football when my body gets old! Of course. Football will be my first love forever.”

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