Arjen Robben to leave Bayern Munich in the summer

Arjen Robben has announced that he will leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season.

“I can say that this is my last year at Bayern & it’s good like that. I have taken the decision, personally, that this will be my last year. I think it’s the right moment after 10 years. The club moves on and I may move on. It is the end of a very good and long period,” said Robben.

We’ve talked [about my future], and I decided it was time. 10 years were a very nice and long period. I’m 35 in summer and I think it’s good for everyone – for me and the club as well. I’m still very happy at the club, but I came to the conclusion that’s it’s time.

“10 years is a long time. Two of my kids were born here. I am very grateful to the club, the city, the people here and our fans. I have always felt a lot of support and warmth. I am happy to have become part of this club and that I have been able to make a contribution. It’s a bit weird that we are already talking about saying goodbye, but of course we still have a lot in mind and so do I. I hope to be able to play an important role until the end for the team and help them. My goal is to say goodbye with at least one title in the summer.”

Bild suggest the Dutchman could return to his former side, FC Groningen.


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