Peter Bosz: “We want to win”

Ahead of the German Supercup between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, BVB head coach Peter Bosz gave his views on various topics such as the importance of the cup, Mario Götze’s fitness and Neymar’s move to PSG.

Peter Bosz on the Supercup

“We want to win. I hate losing. I look forward to this game. Big games are always special for a coach. I was always a top coach who put pressure on himself. That fits to a big club like Dortmund, which is always under pressure. Bayern are not where they want to be, it’s just pre-season and not everybody is at 100%.”

On Mario Götze & Co.

“It is visible that Mario Götze needs playing time. Toprak took part in the whole pre-season. Dahoud has been here for just ten days, so we have to be careful there. Every player who trained could play.”

Neymar’s move to PSG and Barcelona’s interest in Ousmane Dembélé

“If I were to dwell on everything that might happen then I’d sleep badly at night. A lot can happen all of the time. Neymar’s in the news now, but it will all continue until the end of August. Mbappe will most likely switch clubs and also cost a lot of money.”

Watzke on Opel as a new partner

“We decided to extend the partnership with Opel until 2022. We are happy about this. We like to speak about emotions and successes, but we don’t want to speak about the volume [of the contract]. The best deals are when both parties are happy, and this is the case.”

By Pascal Martin.


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