Julian Nagelsmann: “Liverpool is an outstanding team”

Julian Nagelsmann relishes the challenge of Liverpool in the Champions League, with a chance to qualify for the group stages up for grabs.

“This morning I joked by saying ‘if you want to lift the trophy you also have to overcome Liverpool’ as I felt it would be Liverpool. They’re definitely not jumping for joy in Liverpool due to the draw. It’s great for the awareness of our club that this draw will bring us fully into the spotlight,” says the 30-year-old.

“This is somehow Murphy’s Law. Luckily, I’ve been looking at it this week at the Audi Cup. These were two very good games. It is, of course, a very difficult team, but there was no real easy draw anyway,” added Nagelsmann.

“We can play against a great opponent in a legendary stadium. This is something special. Liverpool is an outstanding team. I already have an idea how we can prepare for this trip. But we still have to look at one or the other game to work out a plan.”


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