Hakan Calhanoglu releases statement after ban

Following his four month suspension by imposed by FIFA for a breach of contract, Friday saw Hakan Calhanoglu release the following statement on his social media.

“Hello, everyone.

“As you may have heard CAS’s decision was announced yesterday, so the penalty for the four-month-old football ban that Fifa has already issued is approved. So I’m afraid I’m not gonna be able to get out on the field with my team, for Bayer or the Turkish national team.

“The reason for the penalty is in 2011, when I was 17, I signed a contract that would be valid from 1.7.2012, and then I did not sign another contract with R’s. Karlsruher had an option to extend the contract with me.

“But I was convinced that my contract with Trabzonspor would be valid, or two teams would decide on a transfer together. Unfortunately, the status of Fifa and Cas means otherwise.

“I am punished, despite the two decisions that have been made between Trabzonspor and other circumstances, which has been detected under the terms and conditions.

“So, under the circumstances, I’m having trouble understanding, that I cannot do my profession and my passion for a long period of time because of a crime that was six years ago.

“I’m still going to take this decision and look forward to the future. I’m sure I’ll be back stronger after the sentence is over. I will be back for my club, and the national team, of course, and for my fans on the pitch.”

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