Which Teams are Favourites to Walk Away with the EURO 2024 Title?

The EURO 2024 competition is certainly heating up and many fans are quite eager to get in on the action when the first game debuts on 14 June. One of the reasons why the EURO attracts followers from across the global football community involves the fact that no one is ever truly sure of the eventual outcome. Still, we have already seen some interesting predictions in terms of which teams could rise to the podium. Let’s examine a handful of favourites as well as what each club could (potentially) bring to the pitch.


It is impossible to deny the sheer amount of talent that Portugal currently possesses thanks to names including Ronaldo, Fernandes, Silva, and Cancelo. Although some will cite that Portugal has not walked away with a EURO title since 2016, this might not necessarily represent a drawback. It could instead provide the club with the motivation that it has been looking for. As many also speculate that this could very well be the final season of Cristiano Ronaldo, there is little doubt that Portugal will be pushing for a win.


Readers should not be surprised that Spain has made this list, as their team is currently tied with Germany for the most league titles. Spain also boasts what seems to be an unquenchable momentum since their victory at the 2023 Nations League. It is entirely reasonable to assume that they will hope to capitalise upon this emotion throughout the EURO 2024 championship. Spain is also looking to surpass their somewhat lukewarm performance in 2020 when they only advanced to the semifinals. Many wagering enthusiasts will therefore keep a close eye on the fixtures provided by sites including NetBet for real-time updates and insightful predictions.


To be sure, many feel that Germany will be entering the EURO 2024 as underdogs thanks to a recent series of somewhat muted performances. However, it would be a massive mistake to count them out just yet. Germany is hosting this year’s event and they are keen to walk away with the title at their home stadium. Another factor to address involves the strong guidance of Julian Nagelsmann. This could be exactly what the team needs if it hopes to clinch the final victory.


France is yet another serious contender to mention thanks in large part to the on-pitch talent of Kylian Mbappe. This country is also no stranger to victory; having won the World Cup title in both 2018 and 2022. In other words, they know how to deal with international pressure. We still need to remember that 2000 was the last year that Les Bleus claimed a victory at the EURO, so players will certainly be feeling the heat.

As we count the weeks remaining until the EURO 2024, some of the predictions mentioned above could change. It will therefore be interesting to see what else football analysts have to say as well as how each team prepares for such a high-stakes competition.

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