Will the DFB make a move for Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp in 2024?

Should Julian Nagelsmann become the next Germany head coach, he may only take charge until the end of Euro 2024 in order to return to regular football the following year. 

This will open the door for the DFB to seek a long-term successor as the focus changes to the 2026 World Cup. There has been one manager in particular whom the DFB have long seen as the ideal candidate for the job. His name? Jürgen Klopp. 

A serial winner and possibly the most charismatic German coach in world football, Jürgen Klopp to Germany sounds like a certainty at some point. Every time there is talk about a new head coach with Die Mannschaft, Klopp is always mentioned. However, each time so far, the 56-year-old has remained loyal to Liverpool. 

Are the stars aligning? 

The reality is that Klopp is never going to leave Liverpool in the middle or beginning of a campaign. He is simply too attached to the city, the club, and the fanbase to just pack up and leave.

However, it appears that the DFB are willing to wait for Klopp. The idea of having an interim manager for next year’s Euros and attempting to sign Klopp again sounds appealing to the federation. 

Moreover, this scenario would mean that Klopp leaves in the off-season. It gives him the chance to have a proper send-off with Liverpool and hopefully depart on a positive note, having won a major trophy. Having already won the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, and English League Cup as a coach, Klopp may feel next summer may be the right time to make the transition to the national team. 

Potential sticking points? 

One of the biggest factors facing the DFB is Klopp’s current contract with Liverpool. The German is currently tied down until 2026. Should the DFB get their man, they’ll need Klopp to first be willing to leave early and secondly to pay Liverpool a decent amount of money in compensation. 

Additionally, it was been reported that Julian Nagelsmann is hesitant to sign with the DFB in the first place. If this remains to be the case, the DFB may have to get someone in who is only willing to take the job on a more permanent basis. This would then remove any possibility of making a move for Klopp in the summer of 2024. 

The next few weeks will prove crucial for the DFB in terms of their immediate future and the possibility of finding a more long-term manager after the Euros. 

No matter what happens, you can bank on the rumours surrounding Jürgen Klopp and Die Mannschaft to stay around for a little while longer.

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