Tottenham have a buy back clause for Harry Kane

The transfer of Harry Kane from Tottenham to Bayern Munich was one of the most captivating saga’s of the summer. With the English club insisting that they did not want to sell their star player, but Bayern’s offer of at least €100m was ultimately too lucrative for Spurs to turn down.

Nevertheless, it now appears that there is a route back to London for the Bayern striker. Speaking during the Tottenham fan forum, Daniel Levy would comment: “There is a buy back clause.” 

While there was speculation that Spurs were hoping for such a clause to be inserted into the deal, it was unsure whether Die Rekordmeister would be willing to do so. However, the Tottenham chairman has confirmed that the clause exists, but he did not reveal how much Tottenham would have to pay and when a deal could be triggered.

With Kane just 58 goals away from surpassing Alan Shearer’s Premier League goal record, a return to the English top flight in the near future would undoubtedly see the England captain assert himself as the league’s all time greatest striker. As well as this, upon his departure from Spurs in the summer, the 30-year-old did not rule out a return to the club by addressing the fans: “I’ll see you again soon.”

GGFN | Will Shopland

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