Julian Nagelsmann praises Germany squad for their work on USA trip

After Germany’s 2-2 draw with Mexico in Philadelphia, coach Julian Nagelsmann has praised the squad for how they have worked throughout the USA trip

When asked about his overall view from the USA trip, Nagelsmann said: “Definitely positive. I told the crew in the cabin: I am convinced that we will be successful. We did things okay, other things weren’t so good. I wanted to develop a sense for this team because I didn’t know them before – and this sense is extremely positive. I know that we will be successful and I am already looking forward to November. It is mainly about defensive things.” Nagelsmann then added: “I have not yet trained a team that implements things so quickly. That makes me extremely optimistic. I was absolutely thrilled, so I’m not worried. I saw a total unity, both in the hotel and on the square.” 

The former Bayern Munich boss also addressed the reasons for the defensive issues that the team has continued to experience:“There are two different components. The individual defense, where you can achieve a lot with easy measures. We need more sense of responsibility. Then there are things in the group that you can’t address all in the short time. And then you also have to adapt to the opponent, that’s important, we’ll also need that in the tournament. But you have to train that, I can’t ask for that. Things must all be in order until the tournament – and by then they will all be in the way.”

Nagelsmann also looked forward to Germany’s next friendlies against Turkey and Austria in the November international break and what he may change: “I’m thinking about how you can still reach the boys. I don’t want to talk the club coaches in, but I will still cut out scenes that we send and discuss to the players. They will get things we want to see skillful to take steps in phases where we don’t see each other.” He added: “We must use every measure to develop and try to win every game – and must not only think of the big tournament. To create a mood in the cabin that we want. That everyone comes and says: It’s fun to play in this troupe. With this feeling, I think everyone flies home.”

Overall, Germany’s trip to the US was a mixed bag. They were able to show resilience as they came from behind in both games to rescue results but what this does show is that when they play strong teams in the Euro next summer, there is a chance that they can easily be exposed. A big miss for Germany was Joshua Kimmich, who had to return home due to a cold that worsened throughout the trip.  

Nagelsmann’s next opportunity with the squad will be in November when they face Turkey in Berlin and travel to Vienna to face Austria. This will allow other players to try and get themselves a chance to impress Nagelsmann with a home Euros on the horizon next summer with Germany’s right-back area still a problem. 

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