Fun Facts about Thomas Muller: A Professional German Footballer

Thomas Muller is a professional German footballer. He plays for the German National Team and Bayern Munich. Thomas Muller has established himself as an incredibly versatile player. Below, we’ll explore some interesting facts about this amazing footballer.

He is a highly decorated footballer

Thomas Muller is one of the most decorated professional German footballers. His achievements ensure that Bayern Munich and the German National Team are incredibly popular. This popularity is because Muller has managed to win the respect, admiration, and love of many in the football world. Also, he is among the GOATs of German football.

Thomas Muller, now 33 years old, has won almost everything an elite footballer can win. He participated in the winning of;

  • 2014 World Cup
  • 11 Bundesliga titles
  • Two UEFA Champions League titles
  • DFL-Supercup eight times
  • DFB-Pokal six times

That’s why the German footballer has been a key member of the Bayern Munich and the German National team. If you bet against Bayern Munich, you don’t want to see Muller in their starting XI.

He has always played for Bayern Munich

Thomas Muller joined Bayern Munich in 2000; he was only 11. He then rose in rank through the club’s brutal and rigorous youth system. In 2008, he debuted for Bayern’s reserve team (U23). In the same 2008, Thomas Muller joined Bayern’s Senior team under Jürgen Klinsmann.

His debut on the senior team marked the start of his successful career, which lasted for over 14 years. Today, this incredible and versatile footballer has set and broken several records.

He has scored 120 goals in one football season

Scoring is not something that is easy for footballers. However, Thomas Muller’s talent has ensured that anything is possible. There was one season where he scored about 120 goals when he was a kid.

His 120 net goals were one of the main reasons Bayern Munich debuted him. Today, Thomas Muller continues to set new football trends.

Muller was labelled as the Best Young Player of 2010 FIFA World Cup

In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Germany managed to get to position three. During that tournament, Thomas Muller played an essential role in that achievement.

He joined the Germany National Team in 2010. It was during that period that he played in the World Cup. During his involvement in the tournaments, he scored five goals. These five goals ensured that he was voted the Best Young Player of the Tournament.

He is an author

Football is not Thomas Muller’s only talent. He is also an accomplished published author. Thomas Muller has written the famous “Mein Weg in Die Startelf.” This book is a children’s book.

This “Mein Weg in Die Startelf” title refers to: “My Journey into the Starting Eleven. One of the best things about this book is that you can access it from several platforms, including Bayern Munich’s official website!

He is a Bayern Legend

As a senior player, Thomas Muller has spent over 14 years in Bayern Munich. During this period, he has done many things to cement his position as a “Bayern legend.” This legend has put on memorable performances season after season. He has facilitated and scored loads of goals.

Thomas Muller has made over 640 competitive appearances. He is a model professional footballer who ensured Bayern Munich had a significant mark on history.

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