Alex Kral injury could force Schalke 04 into the transfer market

As per a report by WAZ, a mysterious back injury to Alex Kral could force Schalke 04 into the transfer window despite low funding. 

Just over a month ago, Kral suffered what appeared to be a slight back injury which wouldn’t take too long to recover. However, the injury is still keeping the Czech international out of action. 

Schalke head coach Thomas Reis explained to WAZ: The back issue is difficult to assess. This is not a typical injury such as a torn fibre, where you can clearly say that he can be back after three or four weeks.”

Before the early winter break, the central midfielder was one of Schalke’s top performers and a regular in the starting 11. Should Kral be sidelined before the start of the Bundesliga, Schalke may be forced to look for alternatives. 

However, this could prove difficult for the bottom-placed club due to tight financial restrictions. Schalke 04 are currently over €180m in debt and require a careful balancing act should they look at a potential replacement. Should S04 gamble in the window it could come back to haunt them if they fail to avoid relegation. Depending on their finances, the club could be denied a license for the second division. 

GGFN | Jamie Allen

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