The DFB gives Borussia Mönchengladbach a 0-2 win over Bochum after abandoned game

The DFB sports court has decided in favour of Borussia Mönchengladbach after a game in which they were leading 0-2 was abandoned when the linesman was hit with a beer cup. 

Early this month the game between Bochum and Gladbach was called off in the 69th minute when the assistant referee, Christian Gittelmann was struck by a beer cup that was thrown from a home supporter. 

The DFB chairman, Stephen Oberholz explained: “According to the legal and procedural regulations of the DFB, which applies to all clubs, the game for VfL Bochum is to be considered a loss with a score of 0-2, since the club is responsible for its spectators.” 

The DFB have made the same decisions in the past including a game between St. Pauli and Schalke 04. The away side were leading the game (0-2) when the referee was struck by an object that was thrown by a member of the home audience.

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