Robert Lewandowski on Barcelona move: “It was the most difficult decision of my life.”

Speaking exclusively to Bild, Robert Lewandowski discussed an array of topics on negotiations regarding his transfer from Bayern Munich to Barcelona, his meeting with Xavi and the difficult decision to leave Bayern Munich after eight years at the Bundesliga club.

…on the transfer negotiations: “In the end, everything developed quickly. There wasn’t much time to think about anything. Now I’m happy that we found a solution. I’m happy that I can quickly get back on the pitch at Barcelona. For me, this is the next step in my career.”

…on training for the last time with his teammates: “There was no time for a proper farewell. Everything had to happen very quickly and spontaneously. I said: ‘Guys, thank you very much. Everything will be completed today.’ We made history together, I will never forget that. I also said that I would come back to Munich for a proper farewell after Barcelona’s trip to the USA, which lasts until July 30.”

…on his decision to join Barcelona: “I wanted to play in another league other than the Bundesliga, I made that decision a long time ago. But I have to emphasise, it was the most difficult decision of my life. I wanted to live somewhere else, discover something new with my family. My daughter Klara will start school next year, we had to make a decision. And that decision was that is should be something new. If not now, then that would probably never have been possible. It was once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

…on meeting Xavi in Ibiza: “It was actually a meeting by chance! But we had good chemistry straight away. He was like: ‘I’ll wait for you.’ Xavi told me that we would work well together and can achieve a lot. He has a clear plan on how to bring Barcelona back to the top.

…on his decision to leave Bayern Munich: “It’s been eight wonderful years here. So I hope that with some distance we can forget what’s happened in the past few weeks. There were unnessaccary things, from both sides. That most important thing is what we have achieved together: the titles, the victories. I would also like to thank the fans, even in my last week in Munich, when there was a lot of rumours and trouble, they still supported me. I noticed that they stand right behind me and understand my decision. I will never forget that. It was a wonderful time here, wonderful moments. I know the business, I know what has been said and written. Much was unnessaccary, many false rumours. Again, I want to forget the last week in particular. That’s why there shouldn’t be a shadow over my time at Bayern.”


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