Raphaël Guerreiro: “I feel at home at Borussia Dortmund”

Speaking exclusively to Sport1, Borussia Dortmund and Portugal defender Raphaël Guerreiro discussed his contract situation at the Bundesliga club and his immediate future.

Your contract with BVB expires in 2023, will you renew?

Those responsible and I will speak to each other in due course. That hasn’t happened yet. There were only loose talks but nothing concrete yet. I would definitely be ready because I feel comfortable here.

So you would like to stay?

I love this club very much, everyone knows that. But in the end we have to agree. The new contract will of course be important for me because I won’t sign that many again. So everything has to fit. I now want to focus on the rest of the games this season. I see no rush. My contract situation is not a priority.

Your ex-colleagues like Hakimi, Dembélé, Aubameyang and Sancho have left BVB, why have you remained loyal to the club to this day?

I’ve also had the opportunity to change in the past, but I like stability. If I feel comfortable in a club, and that’s the case at Borussia Dortmund, them I’m happy to stay. In my opinion, Dortmund is a big club. I have an important role here and I’m a regular. At a new club I would have to prove myself all over again. When I’m not playing, I don’t feel good. I feel at home at BVB. Of course, if another big club comes, I’ll think about it. But I currently see my future in Dortmund and not somewhere else.

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