Mainz head coach Bo Svensson fears defensive departures

Mainz head coach Bo Svensson isn’t too optimistic about having the same defenders come the start of next season, according to Sky Sports Germany

Speaking in an interview, Svensson was asked about Moussa Niakhaté and Jeremiah St. Juste and whether they’ll both still be at the club for the 2022/23 season. 

The Dane replied: “It can be that both go. It can also be that one stays. To believe that both stay, is very optimistic.

Both Niakhaté and St. Juste are in the last year of their contracts and it’s clear Svensson expects the duo to attract the attention of top European clubs. 

However, Svensson isn’t worried about not being able to replace his star defenders. He finished his answer by saying: “Nobody has to worry that we’re just lying around and not preparing for every eventuality.” 

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