Thomas Meunier on Leonardo: “He wanted me to appear for PSG practically for free!”

Borussia Dortmund defender Thomas Meunier has revealed he would’ve liked to play in the Champions League for PSG but an agreement couldn’t be reached with bosses of the Ligue 1 club.

“Leonardo has at no time tried to find an agreement with Dortmund, let alone with me. He wanted me to appear for PSG practically for free,” Meunier told German agency dpa.

“I was told by phone that I shouldn’t cross the path of whoever because I could tell disturbing stories. Leonardo has told the press in France that I had refused a contract extension. But that’s not correct, I want to say that very clearly.”

The Belgium international has also been critical of the French and Belgian FA’s after deciding to cancel their league seasons following the coronavirus pandemic.

“The associations have in this way ruined a complete season of hard work and will to win. In contrast to the rest of the big five leagues, France put pragmatism over the organisation of the clubs and their sporting and economic well being,” added Meunier. 

“For me it was a sign that football in France still does not have the same cultural meaning as in other countries.”

The 28-year-old has signed a four-year contract with Borussia Dortmund.

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