Who has the best chance of winning the Bundesliga?

Since its establishment in 1963 the Bundesliga has been one of the most popular football leagues besides the Champions and Premier League. This year, as the years before, all matches have been a challenge for the teams taking part in the league, and every one of us would like to know the answer to the millennial question: Who will win this year’s Bundesliga?

With only one match to go until the end, bookies are offering odds on the two outright favourites – Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The latter is the heavy betting favourite – Niko Kovac’s team is given odds around the 100/1 mark at most bookies. When it comes to Borussia Dortmund, the odds are quite high at 16/1. It’s clear that most bookies don’t believe that the Dortmund outfit can close out the Bundesliga which is reflected in the odds. Those who have already placed bets at one of these two teams before the season started may possibly win a nice sum now. Those who haven’t must satisfy with these odds, with Bayern’s chances looking very unattractive from a punter’s point of view.

Most football fans enjoy every game much more if they put money on their favorite team and get something in return if their team wins. There are a lot of websites that offer betting services. Online betting sites often have different types of promo offers. Some of the most popular offers are free bets and sign up bonuses.  Sometimes the odds are not in the fans favour so that’s why some betting websites have Enhanced Odds offers.

Enhanced odds are a bookmaker’s way of giving you a better chance of earning a reward after watching a football match. Usually, they are available on the day of the event, and can be updated hourly depending on the website. Either way, an enhanced odd is an offer that last for a short period of time.

When you’re talking about the Bundesliga, one team always seems to pop up, and that team is Bayern Munich. There are many quality teams in the Bundesliga however Bayern Munich is the one that has won this league many, many times.

So, it’s only natural to assume that Bayern Munich will win this Bundesliga as well. If you have won a football league a few times you definitely have experience on your side to give you an advantage over the other teams. Despite the team’s questionable form in the league, their coach, Niko Kovac, has stated, on several occasions that he is confident that Bayern Munich will add another title to its collection. Despite the fact that Bayern Munich currently is number one on the table, it is facing a potential loss from another team that has been clawing its way in the Bundesliga-Borussia Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund’s players have been on the offensive in the matches so far. Players such as Jacob Bruun Larsen, Jadon Sancho, Paco Alcacer and Christian Pulisic have shown top form in the final third. The team wouldn’t be complete without Marco Reus’ playmaking skills. After the several injuries the 29 year old has proven himself a worthy player with his 8 goals and 4 assists in the Bundesliga this season. Last but not least, we have coach Favre as the mastermind behind Borussia Dortmund’s success so far.

In general, opinions are split between these two teams and analytics, as well as fans, everywhere favour either the former or the latter team. So whether you watch the Bundesliga on your telly or online whether you’re a Bayern Munich or a Borussia Dortmund fan, you will have to wait until these two giants clash and see who leaves the battlefield in tears, and who gets the crown. And if you can’t find the time to watch it, you can always read a detailed analysis of the match on many sports news websites available 24/7. Either way you’ll find out who will be the champion of this Bundesliga.


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