Thomas Müller: “I’m in top form and I’m hungry for success!”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kicker, Bayern Munich forward Thomas Müller discussed his future with the Bundesliga club & his lack of minutes this season under Niko Kovač.

Mr Müller, easy first question: you said “Nothing to say” last Saturday following the 2-1 home loss against Hoffenheim. Do we want to have this discussion in English or German?

Nice try, but I don’t find that topic so funny.

Then we’ll go straight to it. Before the game against Hoffenheim, Bayern manager Niko Kovac said: “He is not any old person, Thomas Müller is very important, but so are the other players”. And: “If needs be, he will definitely get his minutes”. How do you rate these comments?

Of course, I was surprised when I was confronted with these comments after the game. But I’m not too sensitive about it. There’s already been a private discussion with the manager about it. So for me the story is dead.

You haven’t been in the starting 11 for the last five competitive matches and have only played a total of 67 minutes. Are you happy with this?

Absolutely not. I’ve just turned 30, I’m in top form and I’m hungry for success – with the club, but also personally. I’m completely convinced that I can help the team further with my skills on the pitch.

Has the Coutinho transfer to Bayern Munich fundamentally changed your situation?

Of course, it has intensified the competitiveness for my position, but that’s not really the problem. It’s not about that. A manager has to make difficult decisions before every game. In the last five games there was a recognisable trend, which I wasn’t happy about. If the management team only see me as a rotational optional, then I’ll need to have thoughts. I’m too ambitious for that.

Had you foreseen this development?  

No, not for me. After a good run of form for me in spring in the 10 role and we secured the double after an intense pursuit, I didn’t expect this development.

What’s next?

The media have wildly speculated in the last few days. I won’t get myself involved in that. It’s now about setting our full focus on sporting matters, to be successful in the next weeks with Bayern Munich. As far as the competition for places is concerned, I will not let up and will continue to give my all in training and games. There’s nothing more to say from my side on the matter.


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