José Mourinho: “I hope Niko keeps his job because he’s worked very hard to reach this level.”

Speaking exclusively to Sport Bild, José Mourinho discussed a potential coaching role in the Bundesliga, winning another Champions League title & the Bundesliga title race.

Mourinho on whether he would accept an offer at Bayern Munich:

“I respect Niko Kovač like I do many of my colleagues and so I can’t answer this. I can only say that Bayern Munich are an elite club.”

Mourinho on Niko Kovač:

“I hope Niko keeps his job because he’s worked very hard to reach this level. I met him in a friendly game during pre-season. I liked him straight away. I felt a good connection and mutual respect between us.”

Mourinho on wanting to win a Bundesliga title:

“If I say yes [I do want to win one], everyone will say I want to go to the Bundesliga and so I can’t say yes. I can only say I want to win a ninth league title and third Champions League title.”

Mourinho on the Bundesliga title race:

“Bayern Munich are favourites now after their win at Borussia Dortmund. It’s in their hands. They still have three away games with their trip to Leipzig a difficult one but it’s hard to imagine them missing out on the title now.”

Mourinho on the Bundesliga:

“The Bundesliga provides an exciting competition to be pursued for me. The teams in mid-table are constantly improving, thus creating a nice overall competition. Full stadiums, great organisation and good tactical approaches, I think the Bundesliga is really interesting.”


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