Lukas Podolski: Advice to young players is to stay true. Football should be about fun

It’s been known for some time now that Lukas Podolski will play his final game for Germany on Wednesday night. Speaking at his press conference, there was mixed emotions from the former Bayern Munich, Cologne and Arsenal forward.

“It is a somewhat strange feeling. There have been some moments where I’ve thought, this is it,” says Podolski. “There’s no stand-out moment. There have been so many great moments it would be unfair to pick one out.

“Time fies, as a footballer as well. It’s bags packed and off.”

Speaking about a potential coaching career in his future, Podolski likes the thought of coaching the next generation of footballers.

“I’m still young. I can perhaps imagine working with kids. Advice to young players is to stay true. Football should be about fun. Important to not lose sight of life off the field.

“I don’t know if Jogi will be here in six years. An internship could be cool.”

When asked about why Germany players play so well in World Cups, Podolski replied: “Maybe because we’ve had a great coach for 10 years.

“They [England] have a lot of talented players. I think they can go far in tournaments, so long as they don’t meet us.”


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