Thomas Müller: We want to win everything there is to win

Bayern Munich will look to dominate Germany once again this season, says Thomas Müller ahead of the Supercup clash with Dortmund.

The 26-year-old believes the squad are on the hunt for another Champions League title and their hunger to dominate Europe will keep Munich’s motivation levels high throughout the season.

Bayern have dominated the Bundesliga for many years now and the club are on course for a fifth consecutive league title, but want to add another Champions League title to their history, something former manager Pep Guardiola failed to deliver for the club.

Müller told reporters: “The objectives are the same each year, we want to win everything there is to win, which is not to be confused with the impression that everything is nothing other than the treble.”

Former Real Madrid manager, and new Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti has won one more Champions League title than former Munich manager Guardiola, as he left Germany without winning it once in his three years with the club.

“Pep Guardiola had also not the worst record, yes okay, he has won one less title and that is certainly bad, you’re right! I forgot.

“It is always the same on this subject – you need a good performance and a bit of luck. Of course, the new coach may have other approaches. Whether that then helps us in the decisive matches, I hope so but there are no guarantees.

“Every year there are five or six teams that have the same right as we do, namely to win the thing.”

Bayern Munich will face arch rivals Borussia Dortmund on Sunday in the Supercup, with the curtain raiser expected to be a very exciting match.

“It’s about a title we haven’t won in three years,” Müller said. “That obviously makes us highly motivated. The Supercup is something between an important title and a test game. If Bayern face Dortmund it’s a game the whole nation watches.”

Former BVB captain Mats Hummels will be in for a tough hostile reception as the teams play at Signal Iduna Park, but Müller insists whistles from the BVB faithful would be ‘nonsense’.

“Mats does not look like he is in fear because of the situation,” he said. “Whistles from Dortmund’s fans would be complete nonsense. Mats played in Dortmund for many years and he brought back success as an important player, so you can show gratitude.

“We signed a played who is very experienced, who can talk to the players next to him and communicate his opinion. It was a very good signing. Mats can be a very important linchpin for us but we don’t have to produce too much pressure now. We know what Mats is able to do, especially with the ball on his feet.”

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