Interview | Christoph Kramer: “I feel more connected with Borussia”

World Cup winner Cristoph Kramer will return to his face his former side Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday evening, when Borussia Mönchengladbach welcome Roger Schmidt’s side to the Borussia-Park.

During an interview on the club’s official website, Kramer stated the victory to clinch Champions League qualification will only drive the team on whilst he described how different life is now he’s at Gladbach.

“We certainly gained a lot of confidence. One could see that we are capable of playing at a higher level here in BORUSSIA-PARK. Our opponent certainly didn’t look that great, but I think that’s because we made them look that way. We simply had a good game that night, which is why the margin of victory was deserved. But every game starts back at 0-0 and Leverkusen will certainly pose a bigger threat,” said Kramer.

“For me my time in Leverkusen wasn’t as bad as some people try to make out. I needed some time to settle down in the first half of the season and to adjust to the new system. I was happy with the second half of the campaign though. I made 45 competitive appearances and we finished third in the league. My transfer wasn’t a decision against Leverkusen, it was for Borussia. Here everything is a touch more emotional and better for me, which is why I feel more connected with Borussia. There is nothing that I don’t appreciate. I only noticed this once it was gone. I simply get goose bumps when I run onto the pitch in the BORUSSIA-PARK. I noticed that on Wednesday against Bern and it will be the same against Leverkusen today.”

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