Analysing the Odds: Germany’s Chances to Secure Victory in Euro 2024

We’re going to be completely honest here: we know that this Germany squad has been underwhelming.

Despite a confident victory against Costa Rica in the 2022 World Cup, they were knocked out of the tournament in the group stage, and things haven’t become much brighter since then.

Towards the end of 2023, they lost three games on the bounce between Poland, Colombia, and Japan – not teams that you would usually expect Germany to lose against. And while their 2024 fixtures have been a little more promising – a win against France and Netherlands – the UEFA Euros campaign is still in doubt.

With all of this in mind, we thought we’d take this moment to analyse the odds and work out what Germany’s chances are to secure victory come June.

What are the Odds?

The first thing to do, then, is check out what the sportsbooks are telling us. In our opinion, LuckyKoala Germany is providing the best odds compared to any other platform – Germany are not favourites, of course, but their recent big wins have tipped things a little further in their favour.

We think that’s pretty fair. After all, it only takes a few big wins to win a tournament like this, so long as things land and a few magic moments occur, Germany could well make a big impact.

Their first game is against Scotland, and you’ve got to say they will win this one. The Euros 2024 is being held in Germany, so they’ll be playing in front of a packed home crowd, and while Scotland has been showing some promising signs of improvement in recent years, it’s hard to see them causing an upset from the off.

Their next game is against Hungary – another team that has shown positive signs of growth – and this one may be a little trickier. But again, even though Germany have not been firing in the way they should, they are still an experienced team with a great manager. If they don’t earn a ‘W’ here, then something is seriously wrong.

Their last game in the group stage is against Switzerland, and this is where they could slip up. The last time they played Switzerland was in the Nations League 2020/21, where they drew 1-1 in September and then drew 3-3 in October. That wasn’t a catastrophic failure, by any means, but it was an ominous sign of where things could go.

The Teams to Watch

This is without mentioning the other opponents that Germany might have to go up against. The England squad, for starters, is looking stronger than ever. With Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham enjoying superb club campaigns in Europe, and with Phil Foden, Declan Rice and John Stones on fire during the Premier League, you’ve got to say they’re in a good position to win it.

They got to the final of the Euros in 2020, and if it wasn’t for a pull of the collar from Chiellini, they may very well have won it.

Other teams to watch out for include France, which is full to the brim with world-class players, and Spain, who have an exciting new boss in Luis de la Fuente. These are the teams that Germany will have to beat if they want to get their hands on the trophy, and whether they can do it or not remains uncertain.

Germany to Win the Euros 2024?

But stranger things have happened. It’s important to remember that Germany are Germany. While that may sound arrogant, Germany are undoubtedly a team that can spark back into life at any moment – the history goes back too far and the passion reigns too strong for that not to be the case.

When teams like England, France, or even Switzerland play against Germany, they don’t take things for granted. They respect this team, they respect the shirt, and they know it could ignite and in any game. We’re hoping that the shirt ignites in every game of the Euros 2024, and with Germany off to a good start in 2024, there’s no reason why that can’t happen.

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