Julian Nagelsmann is a candidate for the Chelsea job

Julian Nagelsmann is a candidate for the Chelsea job, as reported by Florian Plettenberg

The former Bayern Munich head coach previously stated he would not take up another coaching role until the end of the season. However, this was before the sacking of Graham Potter at Chelsea. The 35-year-old may now reconsider his stance. 

Nagelsmann already has connections with people at Chelsea. The club’s technical director, Christopher Vivell, formerly worked with Nagelsmann at RB Leipzig. The pair have a good working relationship and could be tempted to work together in London. 

As reported, Nagelsmann is possibly one of three candidates for the role and would have to be convinced of the project before accepting the offer. What’s more, Chelsea would also have to pay Bayern Munich to remove Nagelsmann from his contract. Despite dismissing him from his role, Bayern are still paying Nagelsmann his weekly wages until he finds a new role. 

Should Chelsea want him, they’ll have to pay a big price. 

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