Harry Kane’s ‘Hat Trick’ in Bayern Munich’s Victory Raises Eyebrows in Germany

Since joining Bayern Munich, we finally saw Harry Kane’s world class performance with three goals in the 7-0 victory against Bochum in the Bundesliga on Saturday. However, Kane and his fans outside Germany were shocked to learn that the Germans have a different definition of a “hattrick.”

Harry Kane, since his move in Germany, has experienced a rejuvenation in his career, scoring seven goals in five matches. This is pretty amazing—no one in the Munich club has ever pulled this off in their first five Bundesliga appearances! This incredible start has outshone the earlier records set by legends like Gerd Müller, Miroslav Klose, and Mario Mandzukic, each scoring five goals, 2 goals less than Harry Kane.

Furthermore, this Hatrick marks the 19th career hattrick (8 from those belonging to the Premier League), a milestone he hadn’t achieved since his match against San Marino on November 15, 2021.

However, while English supporters and media were quick to celebrate Kane’s 1st hattrick against Bochum, German football commentators and experts see things differently. In Germany, to get a ‘flawless’ or ‘classic’ hat trick, you have to score three goals in a row in the same half of the game, without any of your teammates scoring in between.

And how did Kane’s goals come? Well, Kane’s furious goal scoring spree started in the 13th minute. It was followed by Matthijs de Ligt’s header in the 29th minute and Leroy Sané goal in the 38th minute. In the second half, Kane scored from a penalty in the 54th minute and it was followed by Tel’s goal in the 81st minute. Kane concluded his first German hat trick with a goal in the 88th minute, assisted by Mazraoui.

In Germany, players need to do specific things to get a hat trick, so what Kane did is called a ‘dreierpack’ or a ‘pack of three’ instead. Nonetheless, the English forward wasn’t overtly disconcerted by the technicalities and celebrated the triumph and his contribution with the match ball.

Kane and Bayern Munich are set to face Preussen Muenster next in the DFB Cup 1st round. Given that they are playing against a club from the 3rd German league, there are some expectations that we might see another hat trick from Kane. And this time, if the stars are aligned, Kane could earn a flawless one, meeting the stringent German standards for a ‘classic’ hat trick.

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30 year old Kane has knocked down a ton of milestones and broken loads of records throughout his career. When he posted his celebratory pic on social media, he didn’t call his achievement a hat trick, just showed off his well-earned prize. We are just witnessing the start of his Bundesliga journey, and we are pretty certain that a ‘flawless’ hattrick will come sooner than expected.

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