Rudi Völler and Eintracht Frankfurt board members discuss Mario Götze’s World Cup chances

As per a report by Kicker, Rudi Völler and Eintracht Frankfurt board member Axel Hellman have been discussing the situation surrounding Mario Götze’s World Cup chances. 

During an event at the club’s museum, former German international Völler faced many questions surrounding Götze’s selection dilemma. During his answers, the 62-year-old explained: “The problem is that we have a lot of good players in his position. If Mario were two heads taller and a centre forward, it would be a little easier. Then he would definitely play.”

For Völler, it seems that a lack of playing time and strong competition for Götze could ultimately cost him a place on the plane. 

Alex Hellman certainly has Frankfurt’s interests at heart. He explained: “Would Mario help the national team? Yes!” Hellmann said. “But no coach can guarantee someone a regular place in advance. But if you don’t intend to bring him on from the start, you’ll get into a permanent discussion as to whether Götze wouldn’t have made the difference in a 1-1 draw against Japan.” 

He finished by saying: “Stay here, stay healthy – and prepare for the second half of the season that will take us to the Champions League.” 

GGFN | Jamie Allen 

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