Kaiserslautern investors planning for a Bundesliga return

In a recent interview with Sport Bild, Kaiserslautern investor Chien Lee of NewCity Capital explained their ambitions to get Kaiserslautern back into the Bundesliga. 

Lee’s company invested in the club in late spring with a €3m cash injection and joined current investors Pacific Media Group. 

NewCity Capital acquired 10% of Kaiserslautern with their investment. 

When asked what promotion meant for his investment, Lee explained: “There will be more TV money, more ticket revenue, more revenue from merchandising and sponsorship. That helps the club grow. Now 1. FC Kaiserslautern, the four-time German champion, is reborn.” 

FCK have returned in the 2. Bundesliga after four seasons in the 3. Liga. With a huge fan base, the former champions of Germany are aiming to stay in the second season and build from there. 

When asked what was possible in a sporting sense the club’s investor said: “We understand football in the long term, there will always be ups and downs. It’s great that we made the climb. Now we want to stabilise ourselves in the second division. After that we should have higher ambitions towards the Bundesliga. But everything step by step.”

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