Freiburg lodge appeal after Bayern Munich’s substitution error

Freiburg confirm that they’ve lodged a protest with the DFB following Bayern Munich’s substitution error.

Bayern won the game 4-1 but for a brief period of 17 seconds, had 12 players on the pitch. In a mistake, team manager Kathleen Krüger accidently showed the wrong shirt number in a double change. Kingsley Coman, who should have been substituted, remained on the pitch.

Referee Christian Dingert only noticed it when it was brought to the attention by Freiburg defender Nico Schlotterbeck.

In their statement, Freiburg state that they didn’t want to take this step, but that it had to be done to go through the legal proceedings.

Earlier this season, Wolfsburg were disqualified from the DFB Pokal after making six substitutions when only five were permitted. 

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